Based on a true story

Streaming 4 / 4 / 23

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"Down for Life" is a powerful and gripping drama that explores the harsh realities of gang violence and poverty in inner-city America. The film follows the journey of a young high school student named Rascal, who finds herself drawn into the dangerous world of gang culture. Through her eyes, the film exposes the human toll of gang violence on individuals, families, and communities, and offers a poignant reflection on the choices that lead people down the path of violence and the hope for redemption. With a strong emphasis on realism and character development, "Down for Life" is a sobering and thought-provoking film that challenges viewers to confront the complex social and economic issues that underlie gang violence in America.



Actor 1
Jessica Romero

as Rascal

Actor 2
Kate Del Castillo

as Esther

Actor 3
Snoop Dogg

as Mr. Hightower

Actor 4
Danny Glovers

Mr. Shannon


"A raw and emotional portrayal of gang culture that is both powerful and eye-opening. A must-see for anyone interested in understanding the harsh realities of life on the streets."

"An outstanding film that is both gritty and heart-wrenching. The performances are superb, particularly Jessica Romero, who delivers a stunning performance as the lead character."

"A powerful and deeply affecting drama that explores the complexities of gang violence with honesty and authenticity. A truly unforgettable film that will leave a lasting impact."